It is hard to believe but many people make the trip to the Isle of Skye and never get further north than Portree.
Now, although there are many beautiful parts of the island south of Portree, there is nothing quite to compare with the north end of the island.
The ruggedness, the terrain, it all makes the trip to Skye extra special.
Just 12 miles north of Portree is Valtos, where Beinn Edra House is situated.
Valtos is well known for its landscape and the glorious views over the waters with the tip of the island of Rona in view.
The Old Man of Storr is 5 minutes drive with Lealt Falls on the way.
The Falls aren't visible from the road but there is a convenient car park in order to walk off road and view these spectacular waters.
Heading in the opposite direction towards Uig, which is only 16 miles away from Valtos, you will come upon Kilt Rock
with its amazing rock formation that, over the centuries, has been worn away and looks for all intents and purposes like a tartan design.
The waterfall there is also quite a spectacular sight, especially in full flow.
Further on you will see the Staffin Museum, where the dinosaur footprints found on Staffin Beach are kept.
About 5 minutes from there is Staffin Beach itself - maybe you'll come across some more footprints!
The road then takes you round the top of the island through Flodigarry, with its famous hotel and Flora Macdonald's cottage,
passed the ruins of Duntulm Castle, Flora Macdonald's gravestone, The Museum of Island Life
and eventually Uig itself, the island's northern ferry port serving the Western Isles.

If you take the option of Bed and Breakfast then you don't have to worry too much about local shops, etc
but for those of you who would like Self Catering, there are two shops in Staffin, which is 5 minutes drive from the house.
There is also a petrol station at one of the shops.
Staffin has the Columba Centre which is usually open for snacks and meals and in Culnacnoc
there is the Glenview Hotel with its award-winning restaurant
- and, of course, if you travel into Portree there is always the supermarket.
Also in Portree you will find many restaurants, small interesting shops, chemist,
Gathering Hall (where concerts are frequently performed), The Aros Centre, swimming pool,
leisure centre and, of course, the harbour - where you can also take boat trips
out to marvel at the local sea-life and perhaps catch sight of the sea-eagles, which nest in the area.